[][src]Struct sulis_state::script::ScriptAppliedEffect

pub struct ScriptAppliedEffect { /* fields omitted */ }

An already applied effect, in contrast to an effect being created via ScriptEntity:create_effect

name() -> String

Returns the user defined name of this effect

tag() -> String

Returns the user defined tag of this effect

surface_points() -> Table

Returns a table of all the affected points for this effect. Only works on surfaces.

cur_duration() -> Int

Returns the number of rounds this effect has currently been active

total_duration() -> Int

Returns the total number of rounds this effect will be active for, or 0 for infinite duration (modal) effects

total_duration_is_infinite() -> Bool

Returns true if this effect has infinite duration (manually removed or modal), false otherwise

has_bonus_of_kind(kind: String) -> Bool

Checks whether this effect has one of more bonuses of the given kind. The kind Bonus kinds include armor, ap, reach, range, initiative, hit_points, melee_accuracy, ranged_accuracy, spell_accuracy, defense, fortitude, reflex, will, concealment, concealment_ignore, crit_chance, hit_threshold, graze_threshold, graze_multiplier, hit_multiplier, crit_multiplier, movement_rate, move_anim_rate, attack_cost, ability_ap_cost, hidden, free_ability_group_use, abilities_disabled, move_disabled, attack_disabled, flanked_immunity, sneak_attack_immunity, crit_immunity`


Marks this effect to be removed on the next update. This is done asynchronously, so the effect will still be applied when this method returns.


impl ScriptAppliedEffect[src]

pub fn new(effect: &Effect, index: usize) -> ScriptAppliedEffect[src]

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for ScriptAppliedEffect[src]

impl UserData for ScriptAppliedEffect[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl RefUnwindSafe for ScriptAppliedEffect

impl Send for ScriptAppliedEffect

impl Sync for ScriptAppliedEffect

impl Unpin for ScriptAppliedEffect

impl UnwindSafe for ScriptAppliedEffect

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