[][src]Struct sulis_state::script::ScriptItem

pub struct ScriptItem { /* fields omitted */ }

A ScriptItem, representing a specific item in a player or creature inventory, quick slot, or the party stash, depending on the ScriptItemKind. This is passed as the item field when using usable items with an associated script.

activate(target: ScriptEntity)

Activates this usable item. This will remove the AP associated with using this item from the specified target. If the item is consumable, the item will be consumed on calling this method.

This method is generally used when called from the on_activate script of a usable item, once the script has determined that the item should definitely be used.

name() -> String

Returns the name of this Item.

duration() -> Int

Returns the duration, in rounds, of this item, as defined in the item's resource definition. How this value is used (or not) is up to the script to define.

create_callback(parent: ScriptEntity)

Creates a ScriptCallback with the specified parent for this item. Methods can then be added to the ScriptCallback to cause it to be called when certain events happen. These methods will be called from this item's script, as defined in its resource file.


impl ScriptItem[src]

pub fn new(
    parent: &Rc<RefCell<EntityState>>,
    kind: ScriptItemKind
) -> Result<ScriptItem>

pub fn kind(&self) -> ScriptItemKind[src]

pub fn try_item(&self) -> Result<Rc<Item>>[src]

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for ScriptItem[src]

impl UserData for ScriptItem[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl RefUnwindSafe for ScriptItem

impl Send for ScriptItem

impl Sync for ScriptItem

impl Unpin for ScriptItem

impl UnwindSafe for ScriptItem

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