Selecting a Campaign

The first step when launching the game is to select the campaign you would like to play.  The Twin Expanse is the introductory campaign.  It is recommended you start with the Prologue.

Creating a Character

Once you have selected a module, you will need to create your character in order to play.  If you have any experience with role playing games, most of the options should feel familiar to you.  You must specify a Race, Class, Kit & Attributes.  The kit determines your starting equipment and provides suggested starting attributes, but does not otherwise impact your game.

After completing the mechanical customization of your character, you are given the ability to customize their cosmetics.  You must specify a name and select a portrait, with the additional customization choices being optional.

Finally, you must specify a short backstory for your character.

Playing the Game

Once you have created a character, you can begin playing the game.  A few tips:

  • You can move the view around by clicking the middle mouse button and dragging.
  • You can zoom the view in and out with the mouse wheel.
  • Most actions are accomplished by left clicking.  You can right click on items that appear in your inventory for a list of available commands.