Dracon are known to be an old race, but exactly how old is up to debate.  They claim to be descended from the great dragons that were once present throughout the world, but their size and appearance suggests they are more closely related to common lizards.  They have inhabited the vast expanses of the Sciedan desert and other hot, dry places for many thousands of years, only rarely coming in contact with others such as Human Ciedar.  They have a very elaborate system of writing that is very difficult for outsiders to learn, making the transfer of historical knowledge difficult.


Dracon are large, standing well over 2 meters tall.  Their bodies are covered with thick scales that are typically gray or green in color.  Some types of Dracon are said to breathe fire, however it is unknown if this is true or merely propaganda intended to bolster their supposed link to Dragons.  Although they are not cold blooded, they do not do well in environments that are too cold or too moist, and are most active during the day when they can be in direct sunlight.  They can live for up to 150 years.


Dracon have a highly individualistic culture, placing great emphasis on the achievements of exceptional individuals.  All Dracon aspire to be like these legendary figures, and will usually work to better themselves because of this.  However, they do not typically work well together or in a team, and will often have significant disagreement unless one Dracon can prove themselves superior.  This is typically done in highly ritualized trials, often (but not always) involving some form of combat.  Once a Dracon has won a trial, others in their group will usually follow their orders grudgingly, at least until the time comes for the next trial.


The government of the Dracon people is highly complex with many layers of bureaucracy.  Placement of individuals within this system is generally highly merit based, although physical prowess is often valued comparatively highly.  The leader of the entire Dracon race is known as the Grand Imperator.  In times of crisis or major wars, she or he can assume direct control over all Dracon military forces.  This makes them a very effective fighting force, even if their numbers are relatively small.