Sulis takes place in a region known as the Twin Expanse.  Existing on the borders of several large empires, this region lacks any large central governments, and caries a reputation of lawlessness.  What control exists is maintained by several large city states - foremost Ajanta, as well as the cities of Kel's Bay and Rose Lake.

The Twin Expanse consists largely of wild forests and coasts.  The climate is largely temperate although Summers can be hot and dry.  To the West, the massive Sciedan Desert stretches for thousands of miles.  To the North lie the Mountains of Naath.  East is the inland sea of Ajanta and then the Plains of Adrax.  Finally, to the Southwest is the Sea of Gheir and the Southeast is the massive land bridge known as the Chain.

Major Cities

Rose Lake

The majority of the main Sulis campaign takes place in areas under the dominion of the city of Rose Lake - a predominantly Human town undergoing rapid growth.  While smaller than the metropolis of Ajanta and poorer than the trade center of Kel's Bay, Rose Lake has slowly risen in prominence over the past few centuries as an epicenter of the overland trade routes passing through the Twin Expanse.  While still considered something of an upstart by the larger city states, Rose Lake maintains a substantial corps of warriors and mages.  It offers protection and governance for nearby towns, although at the price of new taxation.

As Rose Lake has grown, it has brought new areas under its control; areas that were formerly wild and ungoverned.  The residents of these areas have tended to be split, with some favoring the new construction and protection of Rose Lake, and others valuing more their prior independence.

The expansion of Rose Lake has largely been at the expense of previously indigenous races, especially goblins and orcs.  These creatures have been continuously pushed further and further back into the wilds.

The majority of the food for the city comes from the area known as the Rose Pastures to the North and East.  In centuries past, this area was untamed forest, but is now miles and miles of fertile cropland, firmly under the protection of Rose Lake.

The city itself gets its name from the large lake to the Northeast of the city.  In the city's early days, the Lake was a source of food and commerce, but it has long since outgrown it.


The total population of the city is around 30,000 persons, not counting the Rodian slums (which are almost impossible to accurately count).  The vast majority of these are Humans, mostly Ghinati.  The city does include several hundred Elves, mostly nobles, about one hundred Dwarves, and a few hundred Kimer.  There is no significant Dracon population.


The city is run by the ruling Council of Five.  Each member is elected from the most prestigious nobles in the city, serving six year terms.  By tradition, individuals do not serve consecutive terms, although a one term on one term off cycle is common.  The ruling class is almost entirely human, although it is not unheard of for an Elf to sit on the council.

Although each council member has an equal vote, the most prestigious and influential councilperson is considered the First Councillor.  This is currently Aurelianus Berkeley, a Human Ghinati whose family has ties to the founding of the city.


The military arm of Rose Lake is known as the Rose Lake Guard, and consists of approximately 500 veteran warriors, supported by about 50 battle mages.  The city population is very war ready, and two thousand additional troops can be levied at a very short notice, with at least an additional two thousand able to be brought in from surrounding areas with more time.

Current Affairs

For many years the Council has primarily been concerned with the constant tension and occasional open hostilities with Kel's Bay to the East.  Currently, tensions are at a fairly low level, but as always they could flare at any moment.  A particular sore spot is that Kel's Bay currently has complete control over Twain and thus the trade route to Chuross in the south.

Kel's Bay

A larger and older city than Rose Lake, Kel's Bay has traditionally been the dominant power in the part of the Twin Expanse East of Firtuk River.  While not maintaining direct control, Key's Bay has become very wealthy off the goods passing through the Twin Expanse, and to a lesser extent as a gateway to the metropolis of Ajanta to the North.

In recent centuries, the city's power has been slowly eroded by the more recently founded Rose Lake.  In the past 30 years, however, the city has regained a bit of its former stature thanks to control of the Southern trade routes coming in to Rose Lake.  This has given the city a significant stranglehold on many goods entering Rose Lake, allowing aggressive negotiations with the upstart City-State.  While tensions have remained fairly high, war has been avoided between the two cities during this time.


To the East of the Twin Expanse lies the large Ajanta inland sea and the mighty city of Ajanta.  The city actually consists of dozens of smaller cities on the various islands and coasts, all linked together under common government.  It is usually considered the largest city on the continent of Eaoder, and perhaps even in the world.

The ports are extremely well protected, sheltered from the main ocean by the channel of Kadmenis, which has been widened over time to allow ever more ships to pass as the city has grown.  The city commands direct control of the Northeastern part of the Twin Expanse, and keeps a close watch on the internal politics of the larger cities, such as Rose Lake.  In the past Ajanta has worked to mediate disputes between Kel's Bay and Rose Lake, if only to avoid any disruption in the trade routes.  Significant parts of the Rose Pastures were originally under Ajanta territory, but were transfered to Rose Lake control in exchange for money or military support.

Smaller Towns


Naathfir is a small sized town considered the last (most Southern) colony of the Vrontar, a Human people from the frozen North.  It is part of the trade route that runs from Last Edge, through Rose Lake, and on to Kel's Bay.  Extremely high quality arms and armor from the Dwarven holds of the North enter the Twin Expanse from here.

Below the surface of Naathfir is a small Dwarven enclave.  The Dwarves here consist mostly of exiles from the larger Northern holds, and are unusually welcoming of outsiders (for Dwarves).

Naathfir is occasionally attacked by Ogres or Trolls from the Mountains of Naath, the last such attack occurring about two years ago.  However, the Dwarves and Rose Lake Guard are normally more than capable of defending the town.

Last Edge

Located at the Eastern edge of the Sciedan desert, Last Edge is little more than an encampment for Human Ciedar traders making their way towards Rose Lake or Kel's Bay from the desert.  Many exotic goods from the Ciedan tribesmen as well as Dracon traders come through this way.  Even some rare magic artifacts from the Xiqui of the Far West can be found here.


This village is a popular stop over point for travelers heading from Chuross to either Kel's Bay or Rose Lake.  Many Human Ghinati as well as some Kimer traders ply this route, bringing in goods from Uqebesh or the Elix Archipelago.  While small, the village has frequently been the proxy target of the conflict between Rose Lake and Kel's Bay.  It is currently under the control of the Kel's Bay militia, but that situation has historically changed several times.


Located deep in the largely wild Wellswood Forest, this village is notable as the end of the navigable portion of the Firtuk River.  There is a substantial Elven enclave located in the nearby forest, although they do not typically interfere in the town's affairs, except to assist Elven traders who pass through, some bringing goods from as far as ancient Ogrua.  The lack of support from the Rose Lake Guard as well as the Elves is a sore spot for most villagers, as the town is the subject of constant harassment by Goblin war bands.