The race of humans is highly varied as a rule.  They have come to dominate large portions of the known world due to the adaptability and rapid population growth compared to most of the older races.


Not much is know of the early history of the Humans.  The different human cultures do not share an origin story or myth, and have physical traits that seem to match their current habitats, rather than a hypothetical origin.  The Elves consider humans to be merely a degenerate offshoot, but most scholars of other races consider this unlikely.  Similarly, older Dwarven stories say that humans were created by the Gods as a trick or punishment and sprang up from the clay all over Eaoder on the same day.  The only thing these stories agree on is that humans have been in all corners of the world for many thousands of years.



The Ciedar people inhabit the vast Scidean desert and surrounding areas.  Although they are well adapted to the harsh conditions, even they do not normally enter the great central wastes.  They are dark of skin and wear clothing that covers their entire bodies as well as heads, for protection from the sun.  They are mostly nomadic traders or follow the herds in the less hostile regions of the great desert.


The Ghinati are a sea faring people that have colonized many of the coasts and island chains throughout the known world.  They no longer share a common culture or language due to the vast distances involved.  Typically of medium complexion and medium build, they wear light clothing that serves them well on the boats and in the water.  Many of the largest cities in the world are dominated by these people, such as Ajanta, Obeka, and Jork.


A tall, hardy people hailing from the tall mountains and tundra of Northern Eaoder.  They maintain consistent ties with the Dwarves of the mountains and it is said that their demeanor is more Dwarf like as a result.  They do not have any great metropolises, but do inhabit a chain of towns and villages along the Mountains of Naath, and further North, the Ufrar Mountains as well.  The town of Naathfir is usually considered their most Southern town.


Considered exotic in the Twin Expanse, not much is known of these people from the distant West.  They are known to have many colonies in the chain of islands known as the Ten Thousand, but the location of their capital or largest city is unknown.  They are known to be largely under the control of a single Emperor, known only as "The Emperor" to foreigners.


At one time Xandala was probably the greatest empire in the world, governed by a ruling class of extremely powerful Mages.  Approximately 1200 years ago,The Sundering occurred, which resulted in the destruction of the Xandalan homeland and most of its people.  However,  many of the people in the Island Chain known as the Ten Thousand claim a Xandalan heritage.

Government & Nations

Humans do not have a unified government or style of governance.  The Twin Expanse is largely under the control of independent City States.  The Ten Thousand is largely under control of an enigmatic Empire, while Uqebesh and the Elix Archipelago are ruled by a number of smaller states, mostly Monarchies.